Flex Power Designer software

Sketch, simulate, configure and monitor your digital power system.

The Power Designer software goes beyond converter configuration and provides an overview of the whole power system enabling you to define relationships across rails - phase spreading, sequencing, and fault spreading.

The built-in simulation enables power-stage analysis to optimize tuning and visualize design behavior against your power requirements such as transient response, output impedance, and power dissipation.

Power Designer features include:

  • System configuration and efficiency of the entire power system.
  • Configuration and simulation of the control loop, transient response and power dissipation.
  • System functions for sequencing, tracking, paralleling and synchronization/phase spreading configuration.
  • Easy configuration and monitoring of your digital power modules.
  • SMBus tool and sample code bundled for full SMBus control and production programming.

The user guide will be included in the installation software.

Latest Release: Flex Power Designer 3.2.0 (2020-01-08)

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Communication with power modules can be as simple as connecting a PC to a board through the dedicated USB to SMBus adaptor.

The user guide will be included in installation software.

This version of the Flex Power Designer is free to use after you register for a personal license. Using the application without registration is not permitted.